Trapped out of time on the isle of Poseidon. He would fight the demons, even he very gods... for her.
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What's not to love about a gorgeous sea captain, enchanting Atlantis and an unsuspecting female who's searching for her friend when she gets caught up in mystical forces?

It was funny, exciting and had me swooning!
Amazon Reviewer
5 Star Amazon Review
And holy hotness between the sheets! You will not be let down with the sex scenes! Mucho caliente!
If you love fantasy, romance and mythological tales then you need to read Moontide.
Angela G.
Whiskey Angel Life Blog
Moves with grace through mythology and history...
Amazon Reviewer
5 Star Amazon Review


Upon A Moonswept Tide...
Trapped in time...Ronan Garring is a man of action; a ship captain who has sailed the seas from Europe to the the seventeenth century. When he is tricked by a sea nymph, he is sent to a deserted island in Poseidon's realm to serve the gods for all time. On a mission to modern day Miami, he finds his earth home crawling with underworld evil and is waylaid by an enchanting human woman who seems to stall his attempts at completing his quest at every turn. He can't be sure if she is an entirely innocent wrecking ball or the agent of a more sinister force. Against all his good intentions, he finds himself continually, albeit pleasantly, entangled with her both in this world and beyond.
Searching...for a friend whose gone missing, Cindy Pierce left the Rocky Mountains for the beaches of Miami to try to make sense of, what looks to be, a hopeless case. As the trail grows cold, she stumbles into an intriguing dark stranger and is literally knocked flat. Fierce and intense as he is, towering over her and exuding old world masculinity, she can't help her body's immediate response to him. When she finds herself being chased across the southern tip of Miami and into the Florida Keys by the handsome foreigner however, she's convinced he's not only psychotic but intent on doing her harm. Once she finds herself in his arms again though, her attraction to him can't be denied and neither can the fact that he may be the only one who can save her from the dark forces at work on the beach.

This book contains some intimate scenes and adult situations. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

Tides of Atlantis Series
Mankind and the gods alike have grown complacent and the restless forces of the underworld that have been simmering beneath the surface are coming out to play. They will not stop until their thirst for vengeance is satisfied and all worlds have returned to yawning pre-time chaos.
Ten lost kings ─ sons of Poseidon─ and rulers of a condemned land are our last hope...if only they can be found. Cursed by the gods after the fall of Atlantis, the kings have passed into anonymity with no memory of who they are. Forces of both good and evil are hunting them. Poseidon needs them to win the war for the universe. Evil is bent on their destruction.

Join the race to find the kings in Amanda V. Shane's new Tides of Atlantis series and help them to discover their soul mates, the women who will win their lost hearts and help them fulfill their destiny!

Release date: March 9, 2018

Publisher: Amanda V Shane

Print pages: 338

Content advisory: 18+ Sex, sexual situations, violence, adult language.

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