Mine to Love (Quicksilver Garou: Lost & Found Mates Book 1)

Mine to Love (Quicksilver Garou: Lost & Found Mates Book 1)

Genres: Shifters
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I hope you enjoy this new, improved edition sporting a new a new cover, along with edits to improve readability and correct a few pesky errors.

Features a kick-ass woman on the run afraid to love, a sexy hero with wolven DNA who’s on her scent, and his pack of human garou unable to shift who have their back as they fight the evil after them all. You’ll run into steamy encounters and graphic language as they shift into romance and their HEA!

He's finally found his fated mate...

… but she’s on the run and terrified to trust in their connection. Carrick's always feared he'd never find his mate, fall in love or have a family to protect and call his own. Something his wolven half and he have craved for well over a hundred years.

She’s hiding from a madman...

Nia’s body and soul crave this big, protective man, but she doesn’t have time for mates or love. She’s determined to heal so she can wreak vengeance on the madman who killed her sister.

Love, or vengeance—or both?

If she mates with Carrick, she’ll be strong enough to carry out her plan of retribution, but if she binds herself to him, will he tire of her knowing she's only using him?

Can love vanquish vengeance and the evil stalking them?

Release date: October 12, 2021

Publisher: Quicksilver Garou LLC

Print pages: 373

Content advisory: Steamy: Explicit sex scenes and profanity.

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Behind the book

To all the lupus warriors out there….

YOU’LL NOTICE REFERENCE to lupus in this series. Imagine my surprise and dismay when, in the year 2000, I discovered the muscle aches, constant fever and exhaustion I’d been experiencing for months was because I had lupus.

This disease is insidious and strikes some down way before their time should have been up. It manifests in your body attacking major organsincluding your skinand connective tissue, thinking they’re the enemy needing to be vanquished.

I actually count myself lucky because, although I frequently feel like crap and have no energy, after nine years on the typical medication prescribed for this disease, in 2009 I weaned myself offand thank goodness, because it can eventually cause blindness. I’m ‘usually’ able to control it through adherence to a strict diet regimen, shunning the suncompletelyand taking certain supplements to help my body battle this disease.

One day, when I was particularly annoyed and upset with my symptoms, my writer brain came up with the premise for this new series. What if there were a subset of women with lupus who also had ancient DNA which matched them to men with human and wolven souls? What if the womenCinnabar Twinshad somehow lost their ability to be detectable by the menQuicksilver Garou—and they were the veritable two ships in the night, never to meet their mates.

The Garou, although long-lived, would eventually die out, lonely and unmated. The women would battle their disease, alone, and never know they had a mate out there dying to meet them, and that mating would provide longer lives, greater strength and a way for them to beat back their disease.

Because, face it, folks with this ridiculously evil disease want it to go the hell away. I wouldn’t mind having a sexy, uber-alpha man with a wolven-half help me do that. Mix sensuous kisses and amazing sex, and you have a recipe for sexy-times and lots of love. Oh yeah!

So, Quicksilver Garou: Lost & Found Mates was born! Ten percent of the royalty payments for the books in the series will be donated to the Lupus Research Alliance.

To my lupus consociates out there, I send you warmth and a sincere hope for health and healing.

Slàinte Mhaith,


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