Massacre And Margins

Massacre And Margins

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She thought she was just going to reminisce, enjoy the Northern Lights, and celebrate an author, but a murderer had other ideas.

On her first trip to Iceland, Poe Baxter is excited about the scenery, the culture and the rare book she's hoping to find. But it soon becomes clear that Poe and her best friend Beattie are in for far more than a quiet, book-buying trip to the country. Will they survive their new bookish escapade?

When a case of nostalgia hits, will it also mean the end of Poe's memories?

Release date: September 6, 2022

Publisher: Andilit

Print pages: 176

Reader says this book is...: escapist/easy read (6) female sleuth (5) heartwarming (1) realistic characters (2) rich setting(s) (1) satisfying ending (5) witty (3) entertaining story (5) unputdownable (2) action-packed (3) learned something (2) quirky supporting cast (4) suspenseful (2) terrific writing (2) unexpected twists (3) clever protagonist (2) emotionally riveting (1) red herrings (1) thought-provoking (1) trail of clues (1)

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