Las Vegas Crime: A totally gripping serial killer thriller

Las Vegas Crime: A totally gripping serial killer thriller

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Her body, naked and crushed under the weight of the cold, desert rocks that had been her tomb, while she still drew breath. Her eyes, blue as the deep desert sky at dawn, stared into the distance, blurred with tears. Her lips remained immobile, although if I listened hard enough, I thought I heard her scream.

“Do yourself a favor and take a nap before you start this! Once you pick it up, you won't want to put it down until you've finished the final page. The pace is perfect, keeping you on the edge of your seat throughout. The characters are well developed and completely believable. This is a great series from a terrific new author, but certainly right up there with Stuart Woods and James Patterson.” – R. Baer, five stars review on Amazon.

The girl: gone

When a teenage girl is daringly kidnapped from her school, minutes after being dropped off, a frenzied search begins, involving the entire police force of a city that never sleeps. But for Detectives Baxter and Holt this isn't a crime like any other; it is personal.

The crimes: terrifying

A bold and merciless serial killer preys on young girls and leaves them out to die in the cold and dreadful expanse of the Mojave Desert, unable to move, to scream, to fight for their lives.

The choice: impossible

Now Detective Holt is faced with an agonizing decision: he can sacrifice all that he holds dear or jeopardize the life of an innocent girl, his own flesh and blood. The man holding all the cards in this game of life and death isn't willing to negotiate; he's only willing to kill.

Two mavericks form an intriguing team. Baxter and Holt trust each other with their lives, just not with their secret plans.

If you're a fan of James Patterson, David Baldacci, Michael Connelly, and Robert Dugoni, you'll be enthralled by this riveting, entertaining kidnapping thriller that will keep you reading until the break of dawn.

Praise for Las Vegas Crime

“A first-class thriller with perfect pacing.”

“There is plenty of non-stop action in this page turner that will take the reader on a truly gripping and intriguing journey.”

“An excellent thriller that keeps you turning pages.”

“Las Vegas Crime is the latest and the Best of the Baxter and Holt series.

“Another great book by Leslie Wolfe. She's one of the best. Right up there with James Patterson and Michael Connelly.”

“Fast paced, suspenseful and filled with twists and turns.”

“Another enthralling and entertaining thriller written by an accomplished author who takes you on a twisted ride that can branch out in different directions at the drop of a hat.”

"Exceptional story line! Great characters! I loved this story and can't wait for the next one!"

What Readers and Reviewers Are Saying About Leslie Wolfe

“Leslie Wolfe writes suspense thrillers that keep you interested from start to finish.”

“Leslie Wolfe is a true storyteller.”

“Leslie Wolfe is fast becoming one of my favorite authors.”

“If you have read any of Leslie Wolfe's books, then you know you're in for an excellent read!”

Release date: November 16, 2018

Publisher: Italics Publishing

Print pages: 245

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