Inked Love

Inked Love

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A good girl who plays by the rules meets a bad boy who doesn't believe in them. Seeing past their differences, might be more hassle than it's worth.

Lexi Reynolds has always followed the rules but in the was all for nothing. Ulterior motives can be a bitch. Frenchman Jean-Marc Dubois is everything Lexi's been taught to stay away from. Because for him, women are nothing more than a means to an end. A nasty betrayal has left him permanently on the run from responsibility and commitment.

A new city and a fresh start was just what Lexi needed. She was finally independent and determined to find her own path; without the help of a man by her side or in her bed. JM's art has been his release and his Montréal tattoo shop, his pride and joy. That was of course, until drop dead gorgeous Lexi Reynolds unexpectedly walked into his life.

If opposites attract, then Lexi and JM collide. But only if family secrets and heartbreaking misunderstandings don't permanently drive them apart. Different lives, different cities, different languages. Having nothing to lose is sometimes a good thing...until it isn't.

Inked Love is an angsty enemies-to-lovers standalone romance that will leave you breathless for more. If you like angsty passion, sizzling chemistry and a bad boy with a heart of gold then you'll love Cassidy London's steamy enemies-to-lovers romance! Buy Inked Love to escape into a world of off-the-charts passion today!

Release date: December 30, 2018

Publisher: Passion Bound Publishing

Print pages: 282

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