• Iniquity and Retribution: Lineage Series, Book Three

Iniquity and Retribution: Lineage Series, Book Three

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As a young man, Edward Smith was devoted to his mother, or so everyone thought. When she disappeared, Edward began a downward spiral into the dark abyss of mental illness. In spite of his illness, Edward was a genius with an eidetic memory, and he used those attributes to his own advantage many times throughout his relatively short adult life. He even fought heroically in World War I and earned the nation's third-highest honor for gallantry in combat. He gets justice in the end for his wrongdoings, but from a very unexpected quarter.


This book, the third in the author's "Lineage" series, expands on the main characters of Book One ("Lineage: A Novel"), Chapter One.

Release date: February 13, 2021

Publisher: Lineage Independent Publishing

Print pages: 154

Content advisory: May contain material that could be upsetting to some readers (mental health; social injustice; murder)

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