When the perfect life on Instagram turns out to be a lie…
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When the perfect life on Instagram turns out to be a lie...

Hannah Moreno has her eyes on the sweet life, but being an unemployed psychologist won't get her there. Her former friend Rowan—glamorous Instagram star—has money and leisure spare. Once bound by a tragic accident, the two women have lost touch. At least, until Hannah forces herself into Rowan's beautiful world.

When a party takes a shocking turn, history starts to repeat itself. Now, the Cambridge police are closing in, and the reunited friendship starts to unravel. Suspected of murder, Hannah and Rowan have to choose: do they keep each others' secrets, or do they try to save themselves?

"Influenced is the sort of book where you end up staying up until the middle of the night because you can't let it go. Hannah is a character you fall in love with... and then stay on the edge of your seat as her life spirals out of control. A must read for psychological suspense lovers." -- New York Times and Washington Post Bestseller Mike Omer

Release date: May 14, 2021

Print pages: 273

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