Inevitable: A Second Chance Standalone Romance

Inevitable: A Second Chance Standalone Romance

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Inevitable is an emotionally charged, second chance romance.

The day I lost my parents was the day he saved me.
Jax Stonewood—my best friend's older brother.
He was never meant to be my savior. My first real love.
And certainly not my greatest heartbreak.

I spent years getting over him and now he's back—the nation's most streamed artist and eligible bachelor... but I'm not falling for him again.
Jax and I are done.

The day I saved her was the day I lost myself to her.
Aubrey Whitfield was only ever supposed to be my brother's best friend.
Not my life. Not the one I would die for.
Definitely not the one that would break me.

She's built up walls to shut me out but I won't leave her behind again.

Our souls are welded together.
Aubrey has always been mine. I'll make her remember...Whether she likes it or not.

We're inevitable.

"Shain Rose... I have a feeling that name is about to become well known in the indie world...This book doesn't read at all like a debut. The writing is solid. The emotion felt. The plot woven together so seamlessly. Simply put, I was blown away, and you will be too!"-Heather Orgeron, USA TODAY Bestselling author

"Talk about being BLOWN AWAY. Inevitable is an amazing debut. Rose's writing will sink its claws into you, heart and soul. 5 well-deserved stars." -LK Farlow, Bestselling author

Release date: March 19, 2020

Print pages: 440

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