Snarky, inappropriate and irreverent! BJ and Kay are heading to Texas. One of their besties' is having an emergency wedding. It's enough to have to worry about the bar while BJ's away but getting to Texas brings its own problems--small spaces with strange passengers, angry flight attendants, and an unauthorized pygmy goat.

But it's the mega-hot Texan in first-class giving BJ the tingles that causes her the most concern - ruh-roh! The celebration is only getting started when things take a turn for the worse. Conner, Kay's brother, is charged with murder.

Can BJ and Kay come to his rescue in time? Join BJ, Kay, and Twinkles as they meet a limber and feisty granny, dance with drag queens, dress in horrible bridesmaids' dresses, and discover a dead body (or two). Quinn and Glasneck, high on the beer fumes from a signing party at a local brewery, decided to take a step away from their usual writing styles to put together a new mystery in the style of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum novels - that is if Stephanie had a younger southern cousin, who ran a bar, and had a thing for police uniforms.

This is the fifth book in the Badge Bunny Booze Mystery series, but each book is a stand-alone in this series and does not have to be read in order. What's a Badge Bunny, you ask? It's a person who finds cop uniforms a big turn on and has no problem acting on the temptations.

Praise for the Badge Bunny Booze series! “I laughed so hard I nearly pee'd myself.” - Elisa, Top 100 Amazon Reviewer “Long live the crazy fun of gal pals BJ and Kay!” – Molly H. “I was almost late for work so I could finish this book!!!” Michele C. “I truly love this book series! It starts you off laughing out loud and ends exactly the same way.” – Laura D. “Never a dull moment when BJ and Co. are around!” - Mbgirl63 PS: We hope you like the bawdy, irreverent humor in our book series. People who read Janet Evanovich, Stephanie Evanovich, Tina Fey, Amy Schumer, Stephanie Bond, Sarah Silverman, Melissa McCarthy, Aubrey Plaza, Chelsea Field, Gina LaManna have loved our contemporary comedy. Come for a cop, stay for the friendship! Scroll Up and Grab Your Copy Today!

Release date: September 17, 2018

Publisher: Vie La Publishing House, LLC

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