How to Rescue a Stubborn Savage Princess

How to Rescue a Stubborn Savage Princess

In order to save his friend, Adrian must work with his enemy to ensure her survival.
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Things are finally starting to look up for Adrian after capturing Nolan. No longer a wanted fugitive, he's decided to leave the police force and pursue a career change working with Daphne at Arcane Enterprises. For the first time in his life, he has people he can truly call friends. People he can trust and would do anything to protect.

There's still one problem, though — this annoying, manipulative imposter stuck in Adrian's head named Rezith whose mind is slowly eating away at him until one day soon there won't be anything left. When Lizzy is captured and drained of her magic, Adrian has to make an important decision to work together with Rezith in order to rescue her. But is Rezith really the heartless traitor everyone says he is? Will he keep his word to help Adrian rescue Lizzy, or does he have a sneaky plan up his sleeve?

Release date: February 1, 2021

Publisher: Christine Schulz

Print pages: 197

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