When your Hollywood crush turns out to be the biggest D-bag on the face of the earth, can he ever redeem himself? Find out in this Enemies to Lovers, Bully meets Romcom Romance.

Curvy girl Maggie's thrilled to have gotten a part in a movie starring her celebrity crush, Trevor McCain. It's her start on her walk to fame. However, her first experience on a film set could not have gone any worse. One wrong turn through a closed door and boom... finding out your heartthrob is nothing but a bully was not on her list of things to do in Hollywood. And now, Trevor was on a mission to squash her film debut before the first take.

Too bad Maggie had other plans...

Trevor's Hollywood's leading man and he's not afraid to take advantage of that fact. Men wanted to be him, and women wanted to be with him. Life couldn't be more perfect. That was until Maggie walked in and ruined everything. Who knew her confidence and ability to tear him down a few hundred notches would ignite something in him he didn't even know he had? He's not supposed to want her, and yet, Maggie is all he can think about.

When the tension between them gets too hot for either to handle, can Trevor redeem himself before it's too late?

Note: Hollywood Dreams is a standalone novel with a jerk hero who will stop at nothing to get the girl

Release date: December 26, 2017

Publisher: Be You Publishing, LLC

Print pages: 240

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