His Lover from Long Ago: A Time Travel Romance

His Lover from Long Ago: A Time Travel Romance

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From the doomed court of Camelot to a pirate ship off the coast of Cornwall, get swept away by this time travel romance from RITA™ Award winner Caro Carson.

Kayna of Tintagel can read and write, making her a valuable member of Queen Guinevere's household, a maiden who will make a fine bride for a knight. But as Kayna reaches a marriageable age, King Arthur lies dying and dark times threaten Briton. Her father's last command is meant to protect her from the coming wars: follow Guinevere to a nunnery. Before being locked away from the world—before being consigned to a life of eternal virginity—Kayna grasps one last chance to change her fate. Merlin's magic is not meant for her, however, and Kayna is flung far into the future, landing on a pirate ship in the unimaginably advanced year of 1742. She is unable to speak modern English, unused to the advanced technology of the eighteenth century, and unfamiliar with the odd customs of the new millennium. Only the ship's captain, a man who would surely be a warrior in her own century, can make her feel safe and secure.

It's been years since Captain Griffin Dennehay left the Royal Navy for greater fame and fortune as a pirate. He knows he is nothing like a noble Knight of the Round Table, but this fascinating woman from the past seems to think he's her protector. The greatest danger lies in the passion that flares between them as they share his captain's quarters, for if Kayna is to have any kind of future in his century, she must remain untouched until she becomes some honorable man's virgin bride. Griffin knows he is not that man. The former naval officer has just enough honor left to deny them both the desires of their bodies, but can any amount of honor conquer the desires of a pirate's heart?

This novella is a stand-alone, complete romance, but it can be enjoyed with its companion story, HER PIRATE FROM THE PAST.

This novella is available in paperback as one of four romances in the Jewel Box anthology, CHARMED BY A RUBY.

Release date: June 27, 2017

Print pages: 103

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