The Hallowed Isle Book One

The Hallowed Isle Book One

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A retelling of the classic Arthurian legend, full of action, adventure, and epic thrills!

Mighty Rome subjugated the isle of Britain only to abandon it, leaving behind a bloody patchwork of warring tribes. The fragile peace imposed by the conquerors has been shattered, compelling Artoria Argantel -- Lady of the Lake and Druid priestess -- to call upon the Spirit of War and Justice to deliver a champion who will unite the broken land. It is from Argantel's ancient and royal blood that the hero will spring; his sword will be forged from star-steel by ancient spells, carried by soldier-priests from the steppes of Asia to the edges of the Empire. Only one man can wield this holy steel, aided by the wizard Merlin, whose heritage is a magic wilder still. Only one man can free the sword from its prison of stone ... Artor, a fosterling of unknown parentage. The promised High King.

Release date: April 30, 2013

Publisher: Harper Voyager

Print pages: 192

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