Ghostspeaker Chronicles Books 4-6

Ghostspeaker Chronicles Books 4-6

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Books 4-6 of the Ghostspeaker Chronicles.

Johanna and her band of strange companions have fled the influence of the Red Baron and return to Saardam.In the months that they have been gone, the Fire Wizard has laid waste to the city and any surviving citizens, including Johanna's father, live in fear for their lives.

To fight an evil wizard without magic is dangerous to say the least, but then Johanna learns why the Fire Wizard came to the city in the first place.

An eastern trader comes into the port city with an iron ship that needs no sails and no animals to pull it.Every ruler or noble who fancies himself a ruler in Saardam or the neighbouring countries wants to get his hands on this magical ship, and many of them don't care how much blood they spill.

Release date: June 20, 2018

Print pages: 554

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