Faithless: A Jane Doe Thriller

Faithless: A Jane Doe Thriller

Book 1: Jane Doe Cycle
When they’re out to kill you, there’s only one thing to do—get them first.
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In a secret lab, a woman awakens from a bizarre dream. She’s alone, immersed in a tank with wires and tubes. The other test subjects are dead—drowned in black water. Her only memory is dying from her wounds during a night raid in Afghanistan. Something brought her back, uninjured. Men in gray suits try to end Jane. Each time they shoot her, she heals. Leaving a trail of bodies, she runs. Now, she must discover who these men are and why they want her dead. But a debilitating fever rages inside Jane. In the lab, she was on an experimental drug. And without it, she will die.

Release date: May 16, 2021

Publisher: Glass Highway

Print pages: 384

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