Every Smile You Fake

Every Smile You Fake

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Don't believe everything you see in the heart-stopping new thriller from the Queen of the Big Reveal

Please take care of my baby. But don't try to find me. You'll put him in danger. x

Profiler and therapist Kes Lashibi is shocked when she finds a baby on the backseat of her car, with an unsigned note asking her to take care of him.

Kes has a pretty good idea who the mother is - Brandee, a popular social media star with a troubled background, who once lived in Kes's house. Recently, the seemingly bright and bubbly Brandee's videos changed in tone before she completely dropped out of the limelight. Kes is beginning to understand why.

And if the internet rumours are true, Brandee's life could be in real danger.

Kes is torn.

Should she simply take care of the baby, as she's been asked to do, and wait to hear from his mother?

Or should she put the baby and her whole family at risk by using - less than legal - contacts from her previous job to save this young woman?

Time is running out for Brandee. Can Kes find her before it's too late?

This is the stunning new emotional thriller from The Queen Of The Big Reveal.

'Master of the jaw-dropping twist' S MAGAZINE

(P) 2024 Headline Publishing Group Ltd

Release date: February 15, 2024

Publisher: Headline

Print pages: 400

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