Dystopia Complete Series: The Journey: A Post Apocalyptic Series of Survival

Dystopia Complete Series: The Journey: A Post Apocalyptic Series of Survival

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Dystopia Complete Series

Now, all in one edition, get the renowned Post Apocalyptic Survival Series Dystopia. Save 40% with this special pricing or read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

If you love a good apocalypse, this is the book for you.5 Stars

As a person who loves "the grid" but doesn't really believe it will last forever, I LOVED this story. I shivered at how easily things spiraled into chaos. It felt all too believable. I felt like I learned something valuable in the way of life skills, within the context of an interesting story, and, honestly, I relate deeply to characters who considered coffee a necessary part of life. For all of its sad end-of-the-world content, the story itself was a quick, well-written, entertaining read.

The Collapse was the Easy Part!

In the days following the reset, chaos rules and the world is a different place. In only a few short months, cities have gone mad, countryside burned, and the dark days had begun.

This series is an emotional ride through the end of the world. It's not just the end of the world, it could mean the end of everything. An ideal read for fans of Alas Babylon and Lights out.

Four full length books!
Beginning of the End

Long Road


Dark Days

Don't miss this amazing post apocalyptic series, with characters you'll love and love to hate!

Release date: February 10, 2020

Publisher: Angry Eagle Publishing, LLC

Print pages: 770

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