Dusty's Diary 4: One Frustrated Man's Apocalypse Story

Dusty's Diary 4: One Frustrated Man's Apocalypse Story

Book 4: Dusty's Diary
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One Frustrated Man's Apocalypse Story

Two years since the collapse, and the whole world has gone feral.

Dusty got out of his bunker, and he tried to connect with the only other survivor he knew of. Now he's sitting in a leaky kayak looking for a safe place to hole up while he figures out how to cross forty miles of dangerous suburban sprawl to get back home.

He's got a pistol, a rifle, a backpack half full of supplies, and the help of a girl. But he's not sure about her. She's got the disease, and Dusty doesn't know whether to trust her, or run away as fast as he can.

Release date: June 26, 2019

Publisher: Beezle Media, LLC

Print pages: 93

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