One king. A group of incorrigible women. Nine nights.
The demon-king, Mahisha, rules Jambudvipa with an iron fist. He wears the horns of a buffalo and has the will of a bull. With allies far and wide, his kingdom—usurped from the Aryas—is prosperous. All seems well. But Jambudvipa’s underbelly rots. Teeming with crime, sin, and greed, the city and its people are not what they seem. Most of all, Mahisha himself. With his iron fist comes immense cruelty, horrific violence…
He must be stopped.
A girl wronged never forgets. Especially one made to witness her parents’ murder. And revenge, cold and sweet, will be taken. But Durga’s fight is far greater. And she needs allies. Luckily for her, women across professions are willing to fight the fight—a princess’ companion, a maid, a mercenary, a pirate. Alongside her. For her. For themselves. And they have nine nights.
For men and women in this ruthless world, salvation lies in this plan. 

Release date: November 15, 2022

Publisher: S&S India

Print pages: 264

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