Dog Days

Dog Days

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Summer vacation is going to be anything but relaxing for François and his sons... 1 VOLUME RELEASED - INDEPENDENT STORIES. After hours of endless traffic jams, François and his children -- Kevin, the withdrawn teenager, and Baptiste who doesn't care for anything but his dog Hermione -- finally arrive at a village in the South of France where François passed a summer long ago. But the tranquility of their stay is quickly compromised, not only by the heated relationship between François and his wife, Clara, who is slow to join them, but especially by the sudden disappearance of Hermione, who is not the only missing canine in the area... François quickly finds himself under the fire of suspicion, and his relaxing vacation becomes a spell of unrelenting psychological torment.

Release date: October 28, 2020

Publisher: Humanoids, Inc.

Print pages: 120

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