Devastation Erupts

Devastation Erupts

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I've finally got my sister back. Now, if we can just catch up with our friends and find a way's only 300 miles away.

When we're offered a deal that seems to include everything we need to get home, the only choice is to accept. Never mind that the cost is our silence, along with taking a slight excursion along the way.

The clock is ticking and we're sworn to secrecy. Can we reach home in time and keep our promises?

The road ahead is nowhere near easy. Tag along with Quinn and Riley as they attempt to reach their safe haven before Devastation Erupts. Scroll up and click Read for Free or Buy Now.

Note: This is book 3 of 5 in the Nature's Fury series. 

Release date: July 20, 2020

Publisher: Indie Owl Press

Print pages: 366

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