Crossfade: A Lyrical Romance

Crossfade: A Lyrical Romance

Book 2: A Lyrical Duet
If Meg isn't falling down, she's falling in love. But is she sure it's with the right person this time?
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Keywords: Love Trianglefriends to loverssteamysecond chancerockstarrock star romancereverse age gap


CROSSFADE is book 2 of a Lyrical Romance Duet. A rockstar, love triangle romance where if Meg Hannah isn't falling down she's falling in love. 

Time to move past memories and love in the present. Is it possible to move from one love triangle to another? Does that make it a love quad? And factoring in the platonic male friendships, does that make it an emotional love quint? 
Meg Hannah has no idea how to untangle her own brain, let alone the complicated system of friends, lovers, and exs. She'll try, but odds are she'll end up falling again. 
There's a really good shot that I messed up everything. How do I keep having hot sex with a Rockstar without him finding out just how much of an emotional landmine I am? It's time to probably not repeat old patterns if I want a relationship with Ian Reilly. I should have told him about my mom's struggles. I should have confided in him, but it's so new. And he's young and hot, and I want him to keep having sex with me. The Committee can handle my emotional burden for now. Ian can simply keep the lighter, sexier, uncomplicated version of Meg rolling in orgasms. Eventually, we'll get to the baggage part. Ian doesn't know it yet, but he should be thrilled my friend Jake is back in my life. He can be my emotional bellhop for a while until I'm ready to share more with Ian. Jake's seen a lot of the ugly history close up and has handled it just fine. He's my safe sounding board. And Ian doesn't need to worry about him at all, he's married. But I do need Jake and my sister to stop nagging me to open up to Ian. Just give me a freaking minute to be effortless. I'll get to it.Go back 

Release date: September 1, 2020

Publisher: Decorated Cast Publishing, LLC

Print pages: 422

Content advisory: Mental Health Issues in family: Bipolar disorder

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