Crash Morph

Crash Morph

Book 2: Gate Shifter
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"I was going to find that damned kid, Jazzy Jiāng, if it killed me...."

Dakota Reyes, PI, finally made it back to Seattle after dropping through a dimensional portal and into another world. She didn't come back alone: a shape-shifting alien named Nihkil, her "lock-mate" and sort-of boyfriend came with her.

So did a bunch of other shape-shifting aliens. Unfortunately, most of those shape-shifters are anti-human terrorists who want Earth for their own.

Now Dakota's got a new job looking for missing girls and a psychopath on her trail along with the army of aliens. A lot of people want her and Nik dead...and worse, they all seem connected.

THE GATE SHIFTER SERIES is an unusual shifter romance centering on shifters from another world altogether, called morph. Part detective series, part science fiction romance, the Gate Shifter series explores crime solving, interstellar warfare and alien romance with the least likely candidates imaginable.

Release date: October 22, 2014

Publisher: White Sun Press

Print pages: 272

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