Cloth of Grace: A love story that blends together paranormal and mystery, fantasy, faith and romance

Cloth of Grace: A love story that blends together paranormal and mystery, fantasy, faith and romance

With the world at stake how do you choose between what you ought to do and the only thing you really want?
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Shout-outs enjoyable novel about forgiveness, loyalty, magic and adventure. There were moments of pure joy and real sadness and it’s weaved into a wonderful story. Above all, it’s a love story, not only between Perry and Leonie but with family and how it’s not just made up of people who share your DNA.
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When the fate of the world rests on your shoulders, how do you choose between what you ought to do and the only thing you really want?

Leonie finally knows who she is. But now she needs to decide who she is going to be. Her choice will affect not just her family, not just those she knows, but tens, hundreds of thousands, millions of people that she doesn't. And every path that's open to her will put Perry under the pressures that caused his breakdown before. How can she do what she must and still protect Perry?

Perry desperately wants to make things easier for Leonie. Somehow he has to find the strength to face the things that all but destroyed him in the past. But every way he turns, some aspect of his past lies waiting to pounce – even during his happiest moments. And he can never forget that Leonie's life is in danger from someone, somewhere.

Gabriel has managed to negotiate peace, at least in theory. Now he must put that into practice and reunite Leonie with the family she never knew she had. Then disaster strikes right in the middle of his own sanctuary. Can he still protect those he loves, or has he been harbouring a villain the whole time?

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The world she created ...was exquisite. The book was unputdownable and I thoroughly enjoyed this entertaining read. Bonner's creativity in her writing really drew me in to the amazing story. Nurse Bookie

Release date: February 29, 2020

Publisher: Isbin Books

Print pages: 294

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