Chaos Rising: A Survival Thriller

Chaos Rising: A Survival Thriller

Book 3: Edge of Ruin
Jonathan Yanez Founding author
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Keywords: survival

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The Dread Army closes in.
The human survivors face impossible odds.

A virus that transforms its victims into vile creatures ruled by base instincts continues to threaten the remnants of civilization.
So far, Taylor Hart's special powers have kept her and the people depending on her at the Vault safe from infection. Still, food and fuel are quickly diminishing.
But how long can they survive alone?
She struggles to build alliances with neighboring outposts, but emerging feelings for Lu interfere. Is there room for love in a world ruled by the Dread?
On the border, something is waiting. Something... not human. The latest Dread Lieutenant has created a perfect killing machine: a man-turned-monster with only one thought—
Kill Taylor Hart.
It's a thrilling, high-octane installment in a series perfect for fans of Justin Cronin, Kyla Stone, and Jack Hunt.

Release date: July 15, 2021

Publisher: Archimedes Books

Print pages: 189

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