4 standalone shifter romances with a guaranteed HEA in each story from USA Today Bestselling author J.H. Croix! If you like smoking hot paranormal romance with a twist of suspense and adventure, you'll love this series!

Catamount is a town deep in the woods of Maine where mountain lion shifters have existed in secret for centuries. The community is in turmoil after the startling death of a shifter. As events unfold, revealing secrets and fault lines among the proud and protective shifter community, follow the paths of four different couples as they grapple with the threats facing their very existence and find love along the way. Dive into romance filled with passion, adventure, betrayal and secrets. Catamount Lion Shifters includes the full series!


Dane Ashworth, a smoldering, solitary mountain lion shifter, comes from one of the founding shifter families of Catamount. In the midst of upheaval in Catamount, Dane encounters the unassuming, curvy and delectable Chloe Silver. The mountain lion in Dane knows Chloe is meant for him, but he has to find a way to earn her trust and make her believe in him and in what lies between them. Passion burns like wildfire between them while events in Catamount put them both in danger.


Phoebe Devine has loved Jake North for years, but she's kept her feelings hidden because she didn't want to ruin their friendship. Jake is a swoon-worthy mountain lion shifter who's put his life on the line to protect Catamount shifters. Phoebe is one of the few people Jake trusts—completely. She's also tempting beyond all reason—delectably curvy and so gorgeous her mere presence rattles Jake's control. He's denied the depth of his desire for her, but once he has a taste, unbridled passion swirls around them, engulfing them in its power.


A chance encounter throws Lily North and Noah Jasper together. With Catamount in turmoil over the shifter smuggling network, the burdens of being a shifter lay heavily upon Lily. Noah instantly sees through Lily's reserve to the wild, passionate core hidden behind the brainy, reserved woman on the outside. He wants her to the depths of his very being. Yet, his family's troubled history is a burden he's carried for years and the reason he doesn't believe love is even possible. While events in Catamount continue to unfold, the desire between Lily and Noah burns hot and fast.


Shana Ashworth is trying to pick up the pieces of her life after her husband's death and his shocking betrayal. Her heart still feels encased in ice. The only man who seems capable of cracking through the ice is Hayden Thorne—a handsome and powerful shifter from Montana. Shana wants nothing more than a fling—someone to make her feel again. Hayden is perfect—an out-of-town shifter who will be gone before her heart has a chance to get involved. She underestimates what lies between them. The tinder of desire flares into white-hot passion, tossing and twisting them in its fire.

Release date: September 15, 2016

Publisher: Frisky Fox Publishing

Print pages: 516

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