When Michael Corrigan moves from his London flat to a remote cottage in the middle of Dartmoor, he expects to spend his time in peace and quiet, working on his book. Instead, he finds a strange woman wandering the moors in the middle of a storm, dazed and confused with no idea of her location or even her own name.

They find themselves inexplicably drawn to each other, as though they are connected somehow. In another place... or another time?

As the night passes they are plagued with visions of a far-flung future. One where the Earth is on the brink of death, suffocating under a layer of unstoppable lichen, and humans are forced to live underground. How are these two people connected to the fate of humanity? Can they possibly save the world?

This book was published under one of Denis Hughes' many pseudonyms, and is available in eBook for the very first time!

Release date: June 29, 2021

Publisher: Orion Publishing Group

Print pages: 320

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