• The Big Showdown
  • The Bloody Spur
  • The Legend of Caleb York

Caleb York Western

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From Book 1:

"Spillane is a pioneer of tough-guy ethics."-Washington Post

In the west legends are made one bullet at a time.…

Trinidad, New Mexico, is an oasis of civilization in an untamed desert ruled by outlaws, bank robbers and horse thieves. Sheriff Harry Gauge rules his town with an iron fist, a fast gun, and an unbridled thirst for power.

George Cullen sweated blood to carve a ranch from the wilderness. He'd rather take a bullet to the gut than give in to the greedy sheriff's land grab. But a cattle empire isn't all Gauge wants-he also has his eye on Cullen's beautiful daughter, Willa.

Cullen gets word out that he's hiring the fastest gunslinger money can buy to take on the sheriff. When a stranger rides in, townsfolk wonder if this is the rancher's hired gun. Wherever he came from, wherever he's going, two things are clear-the stranger won't be pushed…and his aim is deadly.

"Spillane is a master in compelling you to always turn the next page." -The New York Times

"Collins displays his mastery of Spillane's distinctive two-fistedprose." -Publishers Weekly

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