Broken Edge:

Broken Edge:

Book 3: The Edge
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Their love was born in the fires of war, and into war they return.
Caden is called back to Baghdad as a trauma surgeon. Left to her own devices, Greyson hunts the last, mysterious clues to Blackthorne Solutions-the company that administered her husband's treatment.

The trail dries up. In order to save the man she loves, she has to accept a job from Blackthorne and--against Caden's wishes--follow him to Iraq.
Now in the belly of the beast, she learns all too well what Caden went through, and she learns how to remedy what was done to him.
But will he accept the treatment?
And will she still love him when he's whole?


The Edge

Rough Edge

On the Edge

Broken Edge

Over the Edge

Release date: July 10, 2018

Publisher: Flip City Media Inc

Print pages: 304

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