Bloodstained Rose

Bloodstained Rose

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Rose was smaller than Lara would have guessed from the picture, and her hair was darker. The sadness was the same. She wore a matching dress, but it was ripped, and there was a long, bloody stain down the front. Lara couldn't see the wound, but she knew it was there because the stain continued to grow. Lara's eyes were drawn to the rose the ghost was holding. Delicate white petals spattered with blood tucked into hands almost as pale. The blood dripped from it but disappeared before hitting the floor...

A particularly tough case has mystery writer, Lara Devereaux, needing a break from chasing killers with gruff but handsome homicide detective, Cory Martin. When her uncle is injured and needs someone to care for him, it seems like the perfect opportunity to get away for a while. She expects life in his old, slightly creaky mansion to be quiet and peaceful. What she doesn't expect is the bloody young woman in the white dress. Lara is suddenly thrown into the most dangerous mystery of her life. Will she be able to figure out what her ghostly visitor wants before it's too late, or will this mystery be the last one Lara ever solves?

Release date: April 27, 2020

Publisher: K&A Books

Print pages: 208

Content advisory: no sex but sexual situations, violence

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