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Written, Narrated and Edited by R. Lannom. On the free-floating planet of Consumptia, where the currency is flesh and everyone is high on Zerk, Orbie is at the breaking point. Will he succumb to the madness around him or rise above his environment to follow his Bleace?

Bleace. noun.

Potential energy stored inside the chemical makeup of every living creature in the universe, that, once recognized and harnessed, can be kinetically unleashed through passionately positive creative acts that do not directly or indirectly harm others. i.e. Writing, Photography, Painting, Directing, Acting, Designing, Cooking or being a Flaneur.

Ex. After the boy learned to harness his Bleace he was able to unleash it through writing.

Time on the free-floating planet of Consumptia is in reference to the fact that the planet floats through the x,y, and z planes in space.

Years – xyz

Days – xy

Hours – x

Minutes – y

Seconds - xx


What is it?

Living and Dreams

What is in between?

Come on in

Let’s all see

Gather around

Let’s all breathe

Surpass normality

Living in our own universe

In a foreign being’s eye

We may not be fit

This is my Bleace

Exposed for the first time

I hope it’s ready

Are you?

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