A new ultra-elite force, developed over the last two decades and now ready to deploy, has entered the scene of worldwide clandestine military operations: The Praetorians.
The Praetorians is made up of the best of the best WORLDWIDE and hand-selected to make up the most elite special operations unit in history. Armed with incredible, beyond cutting-edge technological equipment and weapons, the Praetorians is prepared to face the worst threats known to mankind. Operating out of a secret underground base in Cyprus, the men and women of this unit train relentlessly to be ready.
In book one of this new series, we will explore the origins of the Praetorians as well as introduce their first major enemy: the terrorist group known as the Black Sun.
The Black Sun organization is primarily made up of those former ISIS and Al-Qaeda members who thought their previous groups were too soft…these men represent the most barbaric of any previous known terrorist group. Imagine having Attila the Hun meshed with a violent religious ideology, but also now add advanced technological weapons to the mix.
Extremely dangerous doesn’t even begin to do justice to the term…

Release date: January 3, 2023

Publisher: Skyhorse

Print pages: 240

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