Anubis Fortunis

Anubis Fortunis

An ancient curse… but is it responsible for a very recent death?
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An ancient curse… but is it responsible for a very recent death?

Jasmine Moore is no stranger to the paranormal. As a first-hand witness to a supernatural bond with her golden retriever, she knows there are some things that just cannot be explained.

When a mysterious coffin arrives at their small-town museum of Blackwood Cove, bringing with it stories of an infamous curse, Jasmine plays it off as just another silly old story. But after the body of a young museum employee is found, she’s forced to wonder if there really is some truth behind the coffin and the mysterious deaths that surround it…

Diving into another perplexing case as an upcoming private investigator, Jasmine and her dog Luffy are tasked with unraveling the strange secrets surrounding the museum’s primary exhibit and its employees. And as she digs deeper, Jasmine wonders if psychic visions and talking dogs aren’t the only magic that Blackwood Cove has in store—or if the ominous danger lurking the museum halls is more human than anyone could have guessed…

With all the lighthearted fun of a classic whodunit mystery, Jasmine’s next charming adventure in the cozy seaside town of Blackwood Cove is a delightful read for paranormal mystery fans of all ages. Get ready to tackle things that go bump in the night!

Release date: April 21, 2021

Print pages: 173

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