A Planet for the President

A Planet for the President

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This is a story written over a decade ago. Before Fake News, or Alternative Facts, or even social media. It told the story of a not-too-distant future, which really was not too distant. * The President of the United States is facing a global catastrophe. The environment is in meltdown. People are dying. Americans are dying. Even he can't ignore it. There's hardly a corner of the world that isn't in crisis. And that's when he's persuaded of a truth his advisers hold to be self-evident: That it's time to think the unthinkable. The problem isn't power, or politics, or the planet, or the President. It's the People. * Hilarious and horrifying - this enormously entertaining satire has never been more razor-sharp, revelatory or relevant. What readers are saying about this hilarious, critically acclaimed novel: 'For anyone who likes laughs and thrills in one package and who's been following recent developments in the White House this is an absolute must.' Amazon Reviewer, 5 stars 'This political and satirical novel manages to be both thrilling and funny. And, given its prescience, scary too. The characters, the setting and the plot are fantastic and believable. A real page turner.' Amazon Reviewer, 5 stars 'A frighteningly plausible thriller, which imagines what might happen if the White House were finally to believe that something had to be done about global warming ... clever, funny and a really good read.' Amazon Reviewer, 5 stars 'This thriller is packed with good jokes and tells a tale that is utterly credible. Parts were jaw-droppingly frightening and I wished I could have put it down but thesharp humour and pacey plot made me keep reading. It's a laugh and a chiller in one book.' Amazon Reviewer, 5 stars

Release date: February 22, 2018

Publisher: Orion

Print pages: 328

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