A Cold Wynter's Knight

A Cold Wynter's Knight

Kathryn Le Veque Founding author
Gage de Reyne is the knight on the tournament circuit known as the North Wind – destructive and powerful.
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1230 A.D. - Dogged by sinister rumors courtesy of a jealous older brother, Gage de Reyne is the knight on the tournament circuit known as the North Wind – destructive, powerful, and cold as ice. But a chance meeting with a childhood friend Lady Wynter de Thorington brings about a spark that could melt the glacier he’s become.

Or it could burn down his entire world.

Wynter knew Gage as a child and, truth be told, she had quite a fondness for the big, silent, powerful younger sibling of a petty but powerful older brother. She’s heard the rumors, how Gage was driven out because he’d tried to steal his brother’s inheritance, but she simply can’t believe it was true. The Gage she knew was, above all, an honorable lad.
An honorable lad who grew up into an honorable, tremendously skilled knight.

When Gage and Wynter’s reacquaintance goes from a spark to a roaring blaze, they make a decision that will change their lives forever. Now, Gage is accused of coercing the heiress to the powerful de Thorington fortune into marriage, fortune and power that easily rivals his brother’s. Because of this, it appears that all of the rumors have been true – Gage has his fortune through his wife, but Wynter’s father is working against them to have the marriage annulled. In Medieval England, an annulled marriage is an act of God.

And, quite possibly, a death sentence for Gage.

Join Gage and Wynter on an impossible and thrilling adventure of tournament glory, passion, and the quest to bring the truth to light for a man who has been very badly slandered. In the end, it’s not the rumors or his prowess on the tournament field that define Gage de Reyne.

It’s the sacrifice he makes for the woman he loves.

Wynter's cold knight is anything but cold...

The de Reyne Domination Series
Guardian of Darkness
A Cold Wynter's Knight
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The Fallen One (part of the Dragonblade series)

Note: The House of de Reyne is an older, powerful family, pre-dating the Normans. It is said their origins lie in the Visgoths, their rise to power sometime during the Age of Darkness.

Release date: December 28, 2021

Publisher: Dragonblade Publishing, Inc.

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