A Blessed De Lohr Christmas

A Blessed De Lohr Christmas

Book 11: De Lohr Dynasty
Kathryn Le Veque Founding author
On the Eve of Christmas, the de Lohr and Burton families converge for a celebration of peace.
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It's an extended epilogue to RISE OF THE DEFENDER as Christopher, David, Marcus, and Peter go to battle on Christmas Eve... and devastation ensues.

On the Eve of Christmas, the de Lohr and Burton families converge for a celebration of peace, friendship, and family. Children are playing, men are drinking, and women are reminiscing. When a nearby village is attacked by Welsh rebels, Christopher, David, Marcus, and young Peter de Lohr head out to repel the invaders. What is assumed to be a simple battle becomes potentially deadly when Christopher is knocked into a frozen river. Peter, David, and Marcus leap in to save him, but they are carried downstream and away from the battle.

Swallowed up by the dark and snowy night.

Christmas Eve becomes the longest night of their lives as they struggle to stay alive, not only from the elements, but from the Welsh who would like to see them dead. It's a battle for survival, but it is also a night where the greatest gift of all isn't merely the gift of life... it's the gift of forgiveness and ultimate sacrifice.

Enjoy this poignant tale of the true meaning of Christmas.

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Release date: February 8, 2020

Publisher: Dragonblade Publishing, Inc.

Print pages: 84

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