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It's about the journey, the trail we walk. Silver City, NM
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I love thresholds, and portals, and passing through them. Places where you're not quite here and not quite there. Or in other words, liminal spaces. To me, this is where potential and opportunity wait for the unwary passersby, and I enjoy placing my characters in these places and seeing them revealed for who they truly are and can be.

Nature and myself have an intimate relationship, and it's key to all my writing, running through my novels like the fractal veins of a watershed. And since I believe that nature includes our place in the universe, astronomy and quantum physics and cosmology and system theory (not to mention parapsychology and the paranormal) inform the structure of my fantasy worlds.

Book 1 of my New Trails series is available at multiple vendors; check out this link:

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This is Troy's story, a tale of an epic journey across a threshold into a world of mystery and magic. He has to learn how to trust — in himself, in his companion Kieran, in his own learning, in the reality of the very different world he finds himself in, one which seems to operate by completely different rules than what he’s used to. And in finding and walking his own path, he finds a life, and a lifework, and a relationship that makes living worthwhile. 

Genres: FantasyFantasy action & adventureNew Adult & CollegeYoung adultLGBT & PrideParanormal Romance

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New Trails Series

Behind the books

I self-published my novel New Trails (1st in the New Trails series) in early 2024. 

New Trails placed as finalist in the NM-AZ Book Awards, and as finalist again in the Page Turner Awards.

The second in the series, HIdden Trails, will also be published in 2024.

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