Meet P.D. Workman, our October guest for BingeBooks Book Club


October 10, 2023

This October we're delighted to welcome cozy mystery author P.D. Workman to our BingeBooks Book Club chat with the author.

And before we go live on October 24 we asked her to tell us a little about herself.


BingeBooks: Where and when do you like to write?

P.D. Workman: I generally write three times a day, with a morning session, afternoon session, and evening session. I have written a lot of different places and will write wherever I have to! I like my standing desk, which I have been using five years or more, but this year I have tendonitis in my feet from a drug side effect, so the last few months I have been doing a good amount of work from the bed. Which is difficult if I am tired and start nodding off!

BB: Is there anything you always like to have around you when you write?

PDW: I love to have the cat (my son's cat, named Q-Tip) sleeping nearby. Or sometimes she wants to play and I have to run around the house with her. I like to have one of my timers handy, a water bottle, and my notebook.

Unboxing with QTip the cat

BB: Who are your influences?

PDW: There are so many great writers out there! Dick Francis, Mary Higgins Clark, Robin Cook, James Patterson, Agatha Christie, and so many more.

BB: What are you reading right now?

PDW: I have just finished Tom Clancy Full Force and Effect, and am reading The Moores are Missing (James Patterson). After that, I'll probably switch over to a cozy mystery or two.

BB: What book would you recommend for a great late summer read?

PDW: Hmm, how about Nora Roberts' Hideaway?

BB: Have any of your characters ever surprised you? How?

PDW: I think they surprise me the most with their bravery. They are often vulnerable segments of the population, and they still step forward to defend others, even when it puts them at personal risk.

BB: Cat or Dog?

PDW: Cat!

BB: Tea or Coffee?

PDW: Water

BB: Tell us in one sentence why readers love Murder Meringue Pie

PDW: It is a delicious, calorie-free mystery with plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing right to the end!

BB: And finally, tell us why you love writing. 

PDW: I have a passion for writing about underdogs. I love to explore and address injustices, bringing them to light in an entertaining, engaging way.


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