Meet Jan Moran, our November 2022 BingeBooks Book Club author


October 26, 2022

"Three weddings and a food truck on the beach"


Ahead of our live Book Club chat with Jan Moran we asked Jan to tell us a bit more about herself and her writing ...

BingeBooks: Where and when do you like to write?

Jan Moran: Mostly afternoons and evening—and almost anywhere with my laptop. Variety keeps me fresh and inspires me, so you might find me in my garden, at the kitchen table, at a coffee shop, or in a library. My faves: Writing near the beach on in the mountains, on airplanes, and in beautiful hotel lobbies. My office is for business, not so much for creativity.

BB: Is there anything - furnishings, art, equipment, etc - you always like to have around you when you write?

JM: Interesting views and background music such as jazz, classical, or Or surrounded by the sounds of the sea or birds.

BB: Who are your influences?  

JM: Early inspirations were Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters, and popular authors Barbara Taylor Bradford (A Woman of Substance) and Danielle Steel. Long historical family sagas are fascinating, such as Allison Pataki and Kristin Harmel (that includes War & Peace), as are the beach books of Mary Kay Andrews, Elin Hilderbrand, and Kristy Woodson Harvey.

My author friends’ books and series are important to me as well: Pamela Kelley, Kay Correll, Leigh Ann Dobbs, Rachel Hanna, Elizabeth Bromke, Tess Thompson, Cindy Nichols, and so many others.  [read some of Jan's choices here]

BB: What are you reading right now?

JM: I read widely—far too many to mention among different genres, from romance to thrillers, sagas, autobiographies, business, and philosophy. Currently reading Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. Honestly, life is too short to read all I would like.

BB: What book would you recommend for a great winter read?

JM: As for winter reads, I enjoy reading children’s holiday stories with my granddaughter. The delight reading brings to children is heartwarming. A Christmas Carol and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas are annual reads.

BB: Have any of your characters ever surprised you? How?

JM: Why, yes! In my latest book, Coral Weddings, one of my characters wasn’t sure she wanted to marry after all. I won’t tell you which sister….

BB: Cat or Dog?

JM: I’ve had both. My favorites were my calico cat, Cinnamon, and my sweet Shepard mix, Buster. And Buddy, the Australian Shepard mix. I’m partial to rescue pets.

BB: Tea or Coffee?

JM: Both—coffee in the morning and afternoon, and tea the rest of the day. Warm mint green tea in the evening, please. And I make my ginger tea from ginger root. Chilled with lemon, and I sip it all day.

BB: Tell us in one sentence why readers will love your latest book Coral Weddings.

JM: Three weddings and a food truck on the beach.

BB: And finally, tell us why you love writing.

JM: I write about people—primarily women—who rise above their circumstances and challenges to achieve their dreams of personal achievement, love, and family, so I’m serving up inspiration, entertainment, and above all, the beliefs in personal agency and a better tomorrow.

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