Why join BingeBooks as an author

A few of the BingeBooks founding authors.

A few of the BingeBooks founding authors.

Thanks for checking out BingeBooks! We’re a team of fellow authors and book lovers who are building a friendly, inviting place to discover great reads and where readers and writers can interact.

We launched quietly in late 2020 with 120 of the world's top indie authors on board as well as authors and titles from the major publishing houses. So far, we've topped 200,000 fiction titles and 50,000 authors (including indies and authors from all Big Five publishers), and we're just getting started. BingeBooks is open to all authors, and we're now adding titles from more independent publishers. 

Think of us as a mix of Goodreads, BookBub, Facebook, Audible and other places where authors, readers and books intersect online. Our founding team believes the market needs a new independent platform that authors control — starting with a community where readers can discover new authors, books, and genres they'd love. 

On BingeBooks, you can gain new visibility for your author brand, attract new readers, and drive new revenue as the site grows. Benefits include:

  • We import all your books, automagically. In under a day. For free. 
  • We create your author page book pages (including retailer links) and set up your series on attractive tab pages. (We earn an affiliate fee from the retailers for books sold on the site.)
  • You control the content of your author pages and book pages. 
  • Soon you'll be able to pitch your books in our genre newsletters.
  • Unlike sites like Amazon, you can interact with new, existing, and future fans here.
  • You can host book clubs or reader groups.
  • You can post samples that can be easily read on any device.
  • You can create visually appealing book lists that can be shared with readers.
  • If you publish audiobooks, the basic info, audio sample, and buy buttons are integrated into your book page, not on another site.

We're also working on an exciting new initiative where readers will be able to find author comps based on the quality of the story, not marketing dollars or sales data.

Sound good? Please join us! 

How to become an author on BingeBooks

Just fill out this two-minute questionnaire — that's it!:



For those who already registered as a user, please convert to an author profile.

You'll receive an email with the confirmation once your author page is live. 

Have any questions? Reach out to [email protected].


~ Alessandra, JD, Matt, and the entire BingeBooks team