Victorian San Francisco Mysteries: Books 5-7

Victorian San Francisco Mysteries: Books 5-7

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Annie and Nate Dawson, joined by family and friends from the O’Farrell Street boardinghouse, investigate crimes in books 5-7 of the romantic and suspenseful Victorian San Francisco Mystery series. This boxed set includes Pilfered PromisesScholarly Pursuits, and Lethal Remedies.

Pilfered Promises: The future looks promising for Annie and Nate Dawson. Nate’s law practice is taking off, Annie has made the transition from pretend clairvoyant to a successful financial consultant, and they are looking forward to spending their first Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays together. Then Robert Livingston, the owner of the Silver Strike Bazaar, hires them to figure out who is stealing from him, and they discover that behind the doors of his “Palace of Plenty,” nothing is quite what it seems. Scholarly Pursuits: While Annie and Nate Dawson await a blessed event, Nate’s sister, Laura, who is attending the new university across the bay, encounters fraternity hazings, fraught romantic relationships, and fractious faculty politics as she investigates what caused the death of a young Berkeley co-ed. Something is rotten in the state of Berkeley”--1881 University of California Blue and Gold Yearbook. Lethal Remedies: Annie has a beautiful child, a loving husband, and a well-run boardinghouse, but she’s feeling restless and unhappy. When she is hired to solve the financial and legal difficulties facing the Pacific Dispensary for Women and Children, San Francisco’s first female run clinic, she finds that getting back into the business of investigating crimes is exactly the remedy she requires.

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