True Story

True Story

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What's a girl to do when love has her caught up? That's the plight of eighteen-year-old Seven McKnight. Her freshman year at Stiles University turned out to be a tug of war for her heart and her sophomore year promised more of the same. Just when she'd sworn off her ex-boyfriend, Josiah Whitaker, and thought she'd never love him again, he boldly stepped back into her life, with no regard that she'd moved on with Zaire St. James, her new boyfriend. Caught off guard and thrust into a whirlwind of emotion, Seven no longer knows if she should stay or go. . . All she knows is that old feelings won't die, her new love is being ruined by lies, and the fairy tale she once dreamed of may never become her true story. Praise for Ni-Ni Simone "Smart and cutting, full of clever comebacks." -- Kirkus on No Boyz Allowed "This is creative, innovative, and important storytelling for today's urban teen readership." -- Library Journal on Teenage Love Affair

Release date: December 1, 2013

Publisher: Kensington -Teen/Dafina

Print pages: 224

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