Till Undeath Do Us Part

Till Undeath Do Us Part

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Sometimes, staying alive during the apocalypse is harder than dying.

Jack and Linda live a peaceful married life on their farm. Then, one day, The Collapse comes before they can adequately prepare, changing the world as they know it - and with it, their lives.

Now, Jack is all alone, wandering the rooms of the spacious house, painfully reminded of Linda's presence wherever he looks. He can't leave the farm - if the bloodthirsty flesh-eaters don't get to him, then the crazed humans surviving in isolation will.

There is something else keeping Jack on the farm. Something far too valuable to him – and his attachment to it could spell his demise.

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Till Undeath Do Us Part
Joshua Schubart
168.32 MB
December 21, 2021
Butterdragons Publishing




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