The Milestone Protocol: A Sean Wyatt Archaeological Thriller

The Milestone Protocol: A Sean Wyatt Archaeological Thriller

Ernest Dempsey Founding author
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Since the dawn of civilization, a hidden hand has gripped mankind.
Operating in darkness with limitless wealth and power, this ancient Shadow Caste has controlled every major event in human history—mass migrations, revolutions, plagues, even two world wars.
But now these ancient “caretakers” want to change the global experiment. Civilization is too successful, they believe, and our overpopulation threatens the existence of all life on earth.
Their solution? To cull humanity's ever-growing herd.
They've tried it before—slashing our numbers with wars and pandemics, even propping up murderous dictators to gauge the results—but the new scale of death they desire far exceeds even their unlimited resources.
What this cult seeks is supernatural intervention. And they think they may have found it in a collection of ancient stones, hidden by time and faded from memory, that together can ignite a global cataclysm to kill billions in moments.
Luckily, former secret agent turned adventurer Sean Wyatt has no intention of letting this secret global cabal commit genocide. Armed to the teeth and racing across the world to stop this disaster, Wyatt and his crew will fight to the death so that, finally, humanity can live free.
From the first chapter, USA Today best-selling author Ernest Dempsey grabs you and never lets go. This latest novel in the fan-favorite Sean Wyatt series will keep you guessing until the end and leave you wondering: Is this just fiction? Or could we actually face a similar dark future?

Release date: January 1, 2021

Publisher: 138 Publishing

Print pages: 458

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