The Keeper of Light

The Keeper of Light

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Oregon Coast, 1915

Adam and Geoffrey Swenson have finally come to the end of their journey. They have collected as many shifter myths as they could possibly gather in the midst of this new age filled with technological advancements. For werewolves, their world is growing ever smaller. But their circle is expanding. They have taken lodging with a much older werewolf, Tor, who operates an isolated lighthouse on the Oregon coast. There, they intend to write down their findings over several centuries spent scouring the world for stories. Adam’s wanted a quiet place to rest ever since he survived the massacre at Devia just seventeen years prior. Still haunted by the faces of those he lost, Adam’s ready for peace. But there’s one story that has yet to be lived. They won’t be the only ones staying with Tor, and when he meets the vampires, Adam’s world is flipped.

Jane and Michael Gennari are in transit. With all of Europe engaged in a bloody and controversial war, America seemed the best place for the two Italian vampires to lay low and make a new life for themselves. Especially Jane, who has spent the last few decades killing rampaging werewolves in Russia with other vampires. Tor has been kind enough to offer his lighthouse to them, but those Jane sees it as a prison, not a refuge. Her father is aiming to dull her sharp edges and remind her that she is a lady, not a warrior. Her wild spirit can’t be contained, and when she lays eyes on the handsome werewolf she’ll be living with, a new war rages within her and she doesn’t know whether he’s an enemy or a foe.

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