The Heroic Legends Series - Conan: The Shadow of Vengeance

The Heroic Legends Series - Conan: The Shadow of Vengeance

Book 0: Heroic Legends
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Capturing the electric short fiction energy that led Robert E. Howard to be one of the top fantasy writers of the century, with exclusive serialized eBook stories starring Conan, Solomon Kane, and more by many of today’s top writers in fantasy and sword-and-sorcery.

“Conan: The Shadow of Vengeance” is an intended follow-up to “The Devil in Iron.” A classic sword and sorcery tale by Robert E. Howard himself.

In far eastern Turan, the regent of Khawarzim seeks bloody revenge. To achieve it, Ghaznavi is willing to strike a bargain with Karash Khan, the master of the Nine—acolytes of the god of Death, their powers and ruthlessness are spoken of only in whispers.The object of Ghaznavi's hatred rides at the head of a score of Zaporoskan kozaks, bandits formed from fleeing criminals, escaped slaves, and deserting soldiers. Men of many crimes and countries. Their leader is accompanied by Octavia, a statuesque royal from Nemedia whose devotion to him is without question. The object of Ghaznavi’s burning hatred is Conan of Cimmeria.

Release date: January 30, 2024

Publisher: Titan Books

Print pages: 78

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