The Heartstone Chamber: A Magic Academy Fantasy

The Heartstone Chamber: A Magic Academy Fantasy

Magic gone wrong lands Jason in a mystic academy. Can his wayward powers save him when school turns deadly?
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Wayward magic...

An unexpected threat...

Can a broken talent fix the problems plaguing Attwater Academy?


My robots explode thanks to haywire magic. Who knew? Wish I did before one accidentally blew up the Quick-Y Mart and landed me in trade school to avoid trial.


But Attwater Academy isn't your typical bastion of education. Students train with magic to land that killer blue-collar job. The catch? Graduates also fight the demons attacking our industrial complex.


The way first semester is going, I might never get that far.


My spellcasting is abysmal, and everyone has more interesting magic. When a friend's enchanted drawing slips into the school's wiring, the building goes berserk and the staff isn't far behind.


Something more sinister is afoot than one escaped sketch. My friends and I have to act fast. But can we fix Attwater's woes before school turns deadly?


Get swept away to a mystical academy without teen drama and instant romance in this fast-paced fantasy.


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★ Content note/warning: Urban fantasy, magic academy genres with mild language and adult themes. No explicit gore nor sex. Teen through adult appropriate. Protagonists range from late teens to early 20s. This is the first book of the completed three book series.


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Release date: January 4, 2021

Publisher: Jagged Sky Books

Print pages: 273

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