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The Girls In Apartment 5G

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From Book 1:

Shayna Adler has never watched a single Hallmark Christmas movie, but she has a sinking feeling she has found herself in one.

  • A Big City Girl visiting a Charming Small Town full of Christmas cheer? Last-minute business trip to North Pole, Alaska, of all places.
  • Attractive Small Town Single Men, Probably With Dramatic And Secret-Filled Pasts, All Wearing Flannel? A strange plethora.
  • Santa Claus? The World's Largest.
  • Suspiciously Placed Mistletoe? Repeatedly.
  • The Sinking Feeling She's Perhaps Falling For Her New Coworker While The Spirit of Christmas Or Whatever Is Trying To Have Her Learn Lessons About Life And Love, Which Is Odd Considering Shayna Is Jewish And Honestly Has No Idea What's Going On? Check.


Is that not how Hallmark Christmas movies go?

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