The Dreadnoughts Box Set

The Dreadnoughts Box Set

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Contains the complete series—Search & Rescue, Cut & Run, and Safe & Sound.

Search & Rescue

Kim Medhurst is an ex-British military intelligence officer turned scientist. A potentially world-changing discovery leads her to a cave on an island off the Scottish coast. But before she can return to the mainland, she's trapped in the cave. Luckily, she made a backup plan.

Enter Jason Chastain—owner of a private security firm—and three of his friends. The foursome are ex-military, so rescuing Kim should be easy. However, her discovery is so top secret she hasn’t even told the men precisely what their mission is—instead relying on money and intrigue to get them to help. It works, until the rescue mission turns into an escape mission. Kim soon wonders if she’s bitten off more than she can chew.

Cut & Run

Kim has an important project. The object she retrieved could power the entire planet. All she needs to do is figure out how to make it happen, and the Scottish Highlands is the perfect place to complete her research.

Unfortunately, things aren’t that simple. Someone wants to get their hands on her and the object she now calls the ygrene. As if that wasn’t concerning enough, Chastain goes missing. The team’s newfound abilities come in handy as they attempt to find their friend.

But, even with their powers, will they be a match for their foe?

Safe & Sound

Kim's in a race against time. She and the gang are researching how to make the ygrene a viable alternative to fossil fuel. An unexpected visitor recently bought them some breathing space, but it won’t last forever.

The whole thing looks set to fail when the very person they’ve been desperate to avoid shows up. He claims he only wants to talk, but he’s brought goons carrying hardware.

Will the gang prevail, or have all their efforts been for nothing?

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