Terra Stands Alone

Terra Stands Alone

Book 3: The Theogony
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The Drakuls have found the Solar System! A merciless race, there is nothing left once the Drakuls have conquered a civilization except the bones of its dead. When the first Drakul exploratory ship emerged from the stargate, Earth’s days became numbered. Although LCDR Shawn ‘Calvin’ Hobbs and the crew of the TSS Vella Gulf came back with a battleship from their last mission, it won’t be enough to defend the Solar System from the Drakul menace. The Mrowry and the Terran artificial intelligences have run the numbers...and Terra has come up wanting. The crew of the Vella Gulf knows what a Drakul invasion means: the end of civilization as we know it. Can they find a way to stop the devastating onslaught of the Drakul fleet? Even their new allies, the Mrowry, think Earth’s salvation is unlikely. The Earth has more enemies than it can count and no prospect of aid. In the face of extinction, Terra Stands Alone! Books in The Theogony Series Occupied Seattle Duology 1.Red Tide, Occupied Seattle #1 ( 2.Occupied Seattle, Occupied Seattle #2 The Theogony Trilogy 1.Janissaries, The Theogony #1 ( 2.When the Gods Aren’t Gods, The Theogony #2 ( 3.Terra Stands Alone, The Theogony #3 ( Codex Regius Trilogy 1.The Search for Gram, Codex Regius #1 ( 2.Beyond the Shroud of the Universe, Codex Regius #2 ( 3.The Dark Star War, Codex Regius #3 ( The Progenitors’ War Trilogy 1.A Gulf in Time, The Progenitors’ War #1 (

Release date: August 22, 2014

Publisher: Chris Kennedy Publishing

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